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Shekateka Shekateka

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game! I really don't have a lot of criticisms. For a game made in two days, it's as polished as a regular web release!

The sound effects are very juicy and unique. I especially love the pickup sound; unexpected but strangely fitting.

If I have to nitpick: The graphics feel a little drab, I wish they were a little more stylized like your previous games (Space Hummus), but they are currently fine. I also wish that the bullets made different sounds when impacting different types of objects.

There's a typo in the game description: You wrote that the theme is "power is running out" when it's actually "Running out of power."

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dietzribi responds:

Thanks... I was super tired. Fixed I think :)

Space Hummus Space Hummus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is the best kind of Ludum Dare compo games! The ones where I have to check it wasn't a Jam game made by a team in 3 days! Everything is polished and vibrant in it.

It reminds me of They Need to Be Fed, but I love the twist of how this game is relaxed and allows for multiple solutions. I think the 7th level with the magnets was the least fun because of how hard the last challenge in it was. Still, I had a lot of fun playing overall.

I only wished that you used the volcano planets from the final level more in the game.

House House

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is the best game for this Halloween event I've played so far! It's so good that I delayed my own Halloween game as it can't hold a candle to this one right now! I'll be surprised if you don't get first place in prizes.

While playing the game, I found a couple bugs which I'm sure you'll be glad to hear about:
1- I revived the sister by talking to her after killing her.
2- When talking to the doll, I can let go of the cat and then a new cat spawns in the game which I can use to repeat the doll dialogue and spawn an infinite number of rifles! However, all rifles share the same bullet.

As for suggestions, I wish you used a pixel art thumbnail because the current one doesn't evoke the art style or the feel of the game, and I think the name "House" isn't very shocking for a horror game. Other than that, great job! This was very atmospheric and enjoyed replaying it!

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isaacnite responds:

Thanks for enjoying it! We are gonna fix those bugs ASAP. Thanks for letting us know!

Recent Art Reviews

#Cutiesaturday Lisa #Cutiesaturday Lisa

Rated 2 / 5 stars

By splashing that giant, ugly, illegible watermark, you have ruined your artwork so that a tiny minority wouldn't steal your one-off Twitter drawing. No words.

Life vest Life vest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was about to give this 3 stars until I saw the gif only cycling once. Because you see, I was making a gif the other day and I wanted to know WHY would ANYONE EVER want to limit the gif cycling to a certain number. This submission made me realize that, for example, it would be helpful to elevate the intended awkwardness effect in an animation.

The imaginative use of the loop count feature is enough for me to bump my rating to 5 stars!

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