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Underrated gem. Would work nicely on a tablet in my opinion.

PatrickZochAlves responds:

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

Normally the game works on mobile on the web, but I'll certainly try to make a longer game directly in the stores!

I've been playing this game extensively, and I feel it didn't get the credit it deserves. I REALLY like it and I think the aesthetic is very original and atmospheric.

I think my biggest criticism is that after you respawn, the hazards in the level do not reset their timers to a predictable point; they just continue going. That means I sometimes get a lucky pattern (all hazards passable), or I may get an impossible pattern and I have to wait or die. The game doesn't make me feel skilled if I pass some hard levels by chance. Compare that to Super Meat Boy where after you respawn, the hazards' timing is always the exact same on the first try, even if the patterns diverge when you stay alive for a while.

Unlike other reviewers, I haven't experienced any lag but maybe that's because I have a good laptop. I've noticed that the player character moves in pixel-perfect chunks which might explain why others are complaining about lag.

Great game! I really don't have a lot of criticisms. For a game made in two days, it's as polished as a regular web release!

The sound effects are very juicy and unique. I especially love the pickup sound; unexpected but strangely fitting.

If I have to nitpick: The graphics feel a little drab, I wish they were a little more stylized like your previous games (Space Hummus), but they are currently fine. I also wish that the bullets made different sounds when impacting different types of objects.

There's a typo in the game description: You wrote that the theme is "power is running out" when it's actually "Running out of power."

dietzribi responds:

Thanks... I was super tired. Fixed I think :)

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By splashing that giant, ugly, illegible watermark, you have ruined your artwork so that a tiny minority wouldn't steal your one-off Twitter drawing. No words.

I was about to give this 3 stars until I saw the gif only cycling once. Because you see, I was making a gif the other day and I wanted to know WHY would ANYONE EVER want to limit the gif cycling to a certain number. This submission made me realize that, for example, it would be helpful to elevate the intended awkwardness effect in an animation.

The imaginative use of the loop count feature is enough for me to bump my rating to 5 stars!

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