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[Ludum Dare Compo] My Name Is Bunny

2017-04-23 21:38:40 by Mantis1

I made a game about Syria in two days.

Curious? My Name Is Bunny!


Abyss 2 Release Trailer

2016-09-22 04:25:21 by Mantis1

Welp. Game's out! It's probably a mistake to release on Madness Day with so many games going to be released today, but whatevs.

Go play!

Also I'm experimenting with something new: If you're a publisher, you can add the game to your website from this link!

I'm working on a website!

2016-07-28 01:03:45 by Mantis1

It's not done yet. I haven't even uploaded my projects on it yet, but for what is worth, I figured there's no reason not to share an early version:

Life Update

2015-12-15 13:51:10 by Mantis1

I'm now a statistics student, doing very well so far. I've downgraded from full-time, hobbiest game developer to hobbiest, hobbiest game developer. I feel that there are more important things I should be persuiting as a programmer, more important than art. Sorry!

However, in my spare time, I'm still making games. I made two prototypes for Ludum Dare 34, both sucked so I didn't feel comfortable publishing anything.


"Land2D" level editor was my most technical project so far. Took over a month to make. Can only export as ".json". Useless because I can't figure a way to distribute levels like in Mario Maker.


I was planning to participate in pixel day but I have an important exam next month (Dat 100 bucks would've been nice tho...).


I'll keep participating in future game jams.

I Released a Game.

2014-08-24 20:54:50 by Mantis1

Check it:

For those who are curious, you can play the oldest prototype of the game here. See how different it is from the final version.